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Endotoxin is a potent toxin contained in cell wall components of Gram-negative bacteria. Since it brings about the fever or lethal shock when entering the blood of a person, it is necessary to confirm that medicines are not contaminated with endotoxin. Wako pioneers endotoxin measurement and has evolve the endotoxin measurement technology by manufacturing lysate reagents and developing the measurement system “Toxinometer”, and supported medicines for over 30 years.

Featured Products

Measurement System

  • Endotoxin Measurement System
  • Toxinometer® ET-7000
  • Biotek ELx808IU Microplate Reader

Lysate reagent

  • PYROSTAR™ ES-F series
  • (LAL Gel-clot and Turbidimetric Reagent)
  • PYROSTAR™ ES-F/Plate
  • (LAL Turbidimetric Reagent)
  • Limulus Color KY Series
  • (LAL Chromogenic Reagent)

Recombinant Endotoxin Detection Reagent


Peptidoglycan and β-D-Glucan Detection Reagent

  • SLP-HS Single Reagent Set Ⅱ Accessories