Service and Support

Technical Bulletins

Our technical bulletins includes product updates and service bulletins to keep you abreast of changes in product support and information to keep your laboratory fully serviced and current.

Technical support & Resources

Designed to assist your scientific work, our Resource Room is set up for easy, quick and direct access to applications from our partners. Ranging from application notes to publications covering the widest scientific topics relevant to laboratories; from analytical to life science to clinical research, the Resource Room is a melting pot of different scientific topics.

Calibration Services

In Partnership with Biofrontier Technology Pte Ltd, we are pleased to introduce pipette calibration services to complement our existing range of technical services.

Biofrontier Technology, established in 2003 is  ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and in addition to offering  pipette calibration is also fully accredited to calibrate a wide range of instruments including weighing balances, thermocyclers, centrifuges, timers, spectrophotometers, heating blocks, digital thermometers and others under the umbrella brand BioCal™ Services.