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Our Brands

Lucigen is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of molecular biology enzymes, reagents and kits. Part of LGC Biosearch Technologies, Lucigen Corporation manufactures and sell over 325 biomedical research products and services to customers worldwide, all under an ISO 13485 compliant quality system. Lucigen has been the exclusive supplier of the Epicentre brand products to scientists worldwide since 2017. Core competencies include enzyme and competent cell manufacture, next gen sequencing services and library preparation kits, to molecular diagnostics, applied, government and academic customers.

Products Featured includes

  • PCR instruments, reagents and consumables
  • Isothermal amplification reagents
  • DNA/RNA extraction and purification kits
  • Molecular biology enzymes
  • Competent cells for transformation
  • In vitro transcription kits and reagents
  • NGS reagents and beads
  • Sequencing