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LGC Biosearch offers an integrated portfolio of product, services and expertise that support an entire genomics workflow that results in  accurate ,high-quality data  for critical genomics studies ; whether for marker-assisted selection to develop more nutritious and sustainable crops or developing the next generation of molecular diagnostic tests, clinical genomics assays, or novel oligo therapeutics, By integrating its technical strengths, LGC Biosearch offers  comprehensive, competitive, and innovative support across  entire genomics workflow and at every stage of product development pipeline. From R&D through to large scale commercialisation, LGC products and services scale up to meet these needs.

  • Genomics Workflow Solutions Featured


  • Nucleic acid sample preparation
  • PCR instruments, reagents, and consumables
  • Isothermal amplification
  • Cloning and protein expression
  • Molecular biology enzymes
  • Sequencing
  • Oligos, probes and primers
  • Nucleic acid chemistry reagents and instruments
  • Immunochemicals
  • Genotyping services
  • OEM kit assembly
  • Sequencing services
  • Nucleic acid lab services
  • Biobanking services
  • Cohort services
  • Whole genome amplification
  • Custom competent cells services