We act with integrity without compromise. Everlife Analisa Resources (“Analisa” or the “Company”) is committed to conducting its business lawfully and ethically in line with our shared core values of Transparency, Accountability, Respect, and Integrity.

Analisa continuously inculcates good ethical business practices among its employees, sub-distributors, vendors, suppliers, service providers and other business partners to ensure any business activity undertaken by the Company is free from acts of bribery, corruption and fraud.

We are also committed to operate responsibly and sustainably, to ensure that we provide our employees with a safe and secure environment and to leave a positive impact on our community. It is a shared responsibility of all employees as well as those who work on behalf of the Company to uphold Analisa’s reputation for integrity and the highest ethical conduct, wherever Analisa operates.

Analisa’s operations are governed by our Code of Conduct and internal compliance program, which draws on local laws and regulations and also international laws including US FCPA and UK Anti-Bribery Act, and seeks guidance from international legal instruments adopted by the United Nations, European Union and the OECD,
etc. The principles outlined below supports our shared core values:

The Company has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Employees are prohibited from engaging in any form of bribery or corruption. This includes offering, soliciting or accepting bribes whether directly or indirectly through any third parties.

Employees must report any request for an improper payment, or any indication that a person might be making corrupt payments or that a person has an inclination or plan to violate any anti-bribery laws, immediately through the approved whistleblowing channels and avenues as provided by the Company.

The Company and its employees are prohibited from making any sponsorship, donation and contribution with intention to induce a party to engage in improper conducts.

Employees must ensure compliance to the Gifts, Hospitality & Travel Policy prior to offering, promising or receiving any gift, hospitality and/or entertainment.

The Company and its employees must actively resist extortion and all other demands for improper payments made under duress.

The Company holds our Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities very seriously and expects all those who work on behalf of the Company to abide by the same standards. Analisa’s third parties are expected to abide by all relevant local laws, regulations and standards that: